The repair of rialroad ties´rail spikes

Slavkoservis comes with an innovative patented solution of repair where the replacement of the railroad tie, the extremely difficult technological procedure, is avoided.


During the maintenance of a rail-borne track there comes to a strip of a rail spike head and therefore the fixation of a rail becomes dysfunctional.

Because of the strip the chucking of the rail is not possible.

The broken rail spike makes the concrete railroad tie devaluated and there arises the need of its replacement.



This need/lackedge is nowadays being solved by the only possible way – the railroad tie replacement.

The replacement of the tie is disadvantageous because the break of the spike happens mostly in winter time when the number of rail failures is increased. The replacement of the railroad tie weighing 340 kg is physically very challenging.

The railroad tie replacement is complicated, time-consuming technological procedure connected with many other operations such as compacting the subgrade.

During the replacement the track has to be excluded from operation for couple of hours. It is not possible to perform the replacement during the operation. In winter months the replacement is completely excluded. During the railroad tie replacement, the disruption of geometry and stability of the track occurs and further work operations are required.



Drilling of the broken rail spike.

  • Drilling out
  • Cleaning
  • Inserting mesh
  • Sealing up the regenerative filler using a chemical anchor

New solution


Main advantages of the solution

  • Chance of repair during the full operation
  • Geometry and stability of the track is not disrupted
  • Renewal of the damaged railroad tie
  • Economically more effective than the railroad tie replacement

New solution


More than 500 renewed holes and 443 repaired railroad ties


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